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Comfy meh?

I've this piece I put in my guest room collect dust for a decade liao. Never sit on it much but still here and there spoilt.

The Lumbar pad always slide out of position until i don't care.

The headrest, as you can see warp liao.

The mesh is like normal polyester weaving, not comfy on the skin. Feel abit cheap.

The tilt tension is cmi, damn loose, no bouncy effects nor much resistence. The tilt mechanism spoilt and repaired before then on off spoilt again, which i no longer bother.

The arm if pulled up, must use mallet to knock it down, always stuck.

The only thing good is the leather seat still preserved rather well, cause I'm using some balm from Hermes to wipe it regularly.

In term of comfort, I think Embody chair is still the most comfy.
I use in office. so far ok. embody for me not comfortable and seating area too big for me. HM is different price category and not everyone can afford. always have alternative. HM chair also not really that lasting if not those 2nd and used will not have complain.
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