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hi all, i just bought my ps4 fat version yesterday and is facing some issue.

my ps4 can only play at 480p and will have no signal if i choose 720p and above. is this an issue with my hdmi cable? do i need a high speed hdmi cable?

my tv is sony kd 8500d , 55" 4k. i have tried many different hdmi cable that is running ok with nintendo switch and wii. i have tried different port as well but still stuck with only 480p .

TIA for helping!
What do you mean by "ps4 fat"? Did you just buy a second-hand/used launch ps4 model (the original one, before the "ps4 slim")? Or did you buy a new "PS4 Pro", which is kinda fatter, it looks like having 3 'layers' instead of 2? (btw, Wii doesn't have HDMI output, I suppose you mean Wii U?)

What do you mean by choosing 480p or 720p and above? How and where (which menu option) are you choosing this? Any specific game or in general?

Are you using HDR for your TV? If so you need higher spec HDMI cable, older/lower versions do not support HDR.
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