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completed many LK due to their planning so considered as 1 per yr and for HK around 5 only but reached 40 so

did enjoy them... as usual anything could happen during ICT ones lol...

e.g. did go for overseas ones... we put our necessary items inside the black trolleys... we put them at one specify corner... then next time we went back again for checking.... it mixed up among the huge piles to search and dig for them lol

or during one of the ICT...we climbed stairs... bunk areas at the 6 floors so needed to climb many times for each of activities... the lifts were down and repaired and down again... maybe abuse or overload...both kneels hurt after that many times of climbing daily...
Hahaha reaching 40 liao then gv u promotion. Dunno what is SAF thinking.. 😴
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