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Good luck to all applying for AH courses! Hope you'll receive a favorable outcome!

Trying to see if I can get into the accelerated program (2 years 8 months instead of full 4 years), going in as a PCP Applicant. We'll see how my application goes, this is my 2nd time I've applied!
Anyway I am wondering if you know how the accelerated programme is structured? I've got friends in the different programmes who are stressed out with the workload. Not too sure how packed the curriculum will be for the accelerated programme. My guess is that you'll get exemptions for foundation modules (not PT specific) and matriculate into the second year and take similar modules as them.

Either way to all students, brace yourself for one hell of a ride in SIT! It is gonna be fun, intense and at times will cause sleepless nights in school.

Tips for future students, if you live far away from Dover and you have no school but require space for group work/study, you can use SIT campuses in other polys.

p.s. trimester academic calendar is crazy....

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