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when i set to auto = black screen , must choose 480p.
720p and higher change from ps4 main menu same symptoms as safe boot, black screen (no signal)

i tried setting hdr to off , hdcp to off, deep colour to off, no difference made.
video output shown 720x480 - 60Hz , Colour Format - RGB , HDR - Supported
You tested with other TV/monitor, especially native 1080p display (instead of 4k)?

Is the PS4 connected directly to the 4K TV, without going through some HDMI switch, HDMI splitter, AV receiver/amplifier, or any set top box?

You said you tried different HDMI input ports on the TV, have you tried one that is not ARC (audio return channel)?

Do you have an Xbox One too? If so, maybe can test PS4 -> Xbox One -> TV (Xbox One has HDMI input).
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