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Hi all,

I checked my status on the careers gov portal and it has been changed to "shortlisted". Would like to ask whether being shortlisted means my application is successful or are they still considering my application?

Btw my teaching subjects are Eng/Sci, primary school.

Interview date was on 7 March, received an email regarding availability for 18 or 19 April (I can't remember the date) EPT on 28 Mar and another email on the updates on 5 April. Yesterday I checked the portal and the status has been changed to shortlisted.

Anyway, I'm not sure if they are reviewing the applications by batches based on the teaching subject and level as my friends who applied for secondary school subjects have received emails about their application being unsuccessful. And after reading through the posts here, those who got selected are mainly Pri School Eng/Math.

I will be graduating after this sem btw, not mid career change.

Hi! Can I ask if any of your friends went through the interview in April?
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