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That one you can stealth and take out one orb.

Many times I'm not sure if I'm blocking or deflecting.

Chain ogre have to dodge. His grab range is so wide.. Annoying. Also stuck there. Can pause the game and quit the game before dying? Then go back save point and fight him again?
Yeah I always take out 1 orb by stealth first. Deflection success is when you have a bright orange flash but not necessarily can perform deathblow. I'm past the Chained Ogre already (relatively easier compared to others) just time your safety rolls well around him. I try to stay behind him. Killed him within a few tries.

I didn't try quitting but I always replay with the enemies around, practise and sharpen skills. Once you know how to go round them, basically it's around the same procedure to get to the mini boss.

Onto Hirata estate currently.

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