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People have done it before in 2013 haze, Honeywell stuff.

It's more trouble than it's worth.

Shipping is usd 106 btw.
Thank you for your reply, and for the info. Actually, I am based in Hong Kong (voltage and frequency here in HK is exactly the same as Singapore.) I use a package forwarding service which charges HKD $24 (approx. USD $3) per pound of weight, since the weight of this air purifier is 18 pounds, the shipping fee will be approx. USD $55.

The cost of the Coway Mighty is currently USD $162, plus another USD $32 for the transformer. So the total cost of Air Purifier + transformer + shipping will be approx. USD $249.

If I decided to buy an air purifier locally here in HK, from my research it seems the best choice would probably be the Philips AC3259/31, which sells for HKD $3,900 (approx. USD $503.) Therefore, I would save approx. USD $250 by choosing the Coway Mighty.

Furthermore, from my research it seems the Coway Mighty is a better purifier, and my main goal is to get a high-quality purifier at the lowest possible price.

When you say “it’s more trouble than it’s worth”, do you mean there is a risk of malfunctioning/breaking due to the 50Hz / 60Hz frequency difference? Or are there also other potential problems I am not yet aware of?

Thanks again for your help with this!
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