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Those of us who have some basic understanding of Android Box will know the difference.

Unfortunately, the average man in the street may not and will probably just think that all Android TV boxes are illegal.

The headline scream 'Android TV box seller fined in landmark copyright infringement case'. And so it will be easy for them to conclude that Android TV Box is illegal.
Yes you have a good point here.

Let's wait to see how the law gets implemented and how the enforcement is carried out.

Right now it seems business as usual for the three kiosks selling Android TV boxes in Jurong Point from what I see. Business does not seem to be very good though but they are still surviving. I kind of feel strange that the kiosk selling Geekbox only can still survive. The other two kiosks are selling other mobile accessories along with Android TV boxes.

I think in the end the preloaded boxes will get out of the business and then people will start to buy the bare boxes. Streaming apps like those IPTV subscriptions may get blocked as well. Still the implementation will take time.
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