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Lazada has this box as well at S$127.60 for the 4GB/64GB version whereas Taobao is selling at RMB440. I expect Lazada price to drop a bit to around S$100-110 later.

Gearbest is selling this at US$78.

The internal 2.5 inch HDD bay is through USB to SATA converter so do not expect high performance. The video recording is said to be so so from the reviews I watched on YouTube.

As a streaming box or local media consumption device this should be pretty good. For proper video recording, you may want to look at the offerings from Zidoo like the lower end X9S or better models. They come with HDMI IN and HDMI OUT connection.
Hi Xiaofan, previously you recommended Zidoo X9S, it has Ram 2/16Gb, selling @S$170 and Zidoo Z10 Ram2/64Gb @ S$370, very expensive. If I do buy, it will be X9s, but the ram seem to be very small. Is it enough to cover streaming usage and installation of Apps? You are the expert in this, please tell me your opinion? Thanks
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