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Hi Xiaofan, previously you recommended Zidoo X9S, it has Ram 2/16Gb, selling @S$170 and Zidoo Z10 Ram2/64Gb @ S$370, very expensive. If I do buy, it will be X9s, but the ram seem to be very small. Is it enough to cover streaming usage and installation of Apps? You are the expert in this, please tell me your opinion? Thanks
Zidoo device is kind of high end device and the primary use cases are for very for high quality rip of Blu-ray files, therefore they have harddisk interface. They also support the recording feature but this is a secondary feature.

Looking back at your requirement, I am actually not so sure if the recording feature of the Zidoo device actually meets your requirement. I have yet to come across reviews covering this use case in good details. So I have to say I am not sure whether the X9S is a good buy or not.

Ref: you can check out the old review here. But Zidoo keeps updating the FW so it should be better now.

As for A95X, from what I know from the review, the recording is through screen capture, so do not expect high quality and it may not work with some apps. I will not recommend it for sure.

As for whether Zidoo X9S device is good enough for general streaming application (not Netflix), then the answer should be yes. 2GB/16GB is fine for general streaming application. FYI, Mi Box S is 2GB/8GB and it has a weaker CPU than Zidoo X9S.

Ref: Zidoo X9S review

Edit : sorry the above review is for better Z9S version but it is also a good reference for X9S.

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