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Thanks for the info.

Actually for iOS, you can just buy VIP 绿钻 in S$ with in-app-purchases from Apple App Store.

1 month S$2.98
3 months S$6.98
6 months S$12.98
12 months S$25.98

1 months S$4.48
3 months S$9.98
6 months S$17.98
12 months S$38.98

I have not checked Google App Store yet.

Another potential easier way is to use WeChat. Add a Singapore Credit Card to your WeChat account and then you can receive WeChat Ang Bao in RMB. Pay S$ to your friends here in Singapore who has WeChat money and they can send you to Wechat Ang Bao in RMB. I believe you can buy QQ Points using WeChat.

But I have never tried this myself. I am happy with the free Xiami Music.

Xiami Music vip from Apple App Store
1 month S$2.98
3 months S$6.98
6 months S$10.98
12 months S$21.98

For Paid version, I believe QQ Music should be better since it has more songs.

Wanted to buy the QQ Music subscription, but the app says cannot support paid outside of China.

EDIT: ok, the VPN was disconnected when I tried, once I reconnected, the payment went through.

Any idea what the difference is between 付费音乐包vs禄钻豪华版?

EDIT 2: Replying to my own question...





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