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Wanted to buy the QQ Music subscription, but the app says cannot support paid outside of China.

EDIT: ok, the VPN was disconnected when I tried, once I reconnected, the payment went through.

Any idea what the difference is between 付费音乐包vs禄钻豪华版?
付费音乐包 should be good enough for most overseas users. The extra perks for 绿钻豪华版 are mainly meant for users in China. They are basically the same when it comes to music listening, both allow 300 songs download.


The Baidu article may not be totally correct.

BTW, my old comments about Wechat Pay is no longer true, they start to put restrictions on those accounts without linking to a China bank account. So new sign up no longer can top up. Existing users can still spend whatever they have but may lose the ability to top up any time.

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