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There were reports of devices popping due to the transformer malfunctioning. Not only APs but other devices as well, like water flossers. That HWZ 2013 Amazon thread is gone now. Coz Air purifiers can usually last fairly long, however once you introduce a voltage convertor which is basically a transformer type of device, you introduce another layer of unknown.

Anyway since you are in HK, just get a Xiaomi 2S or Xiaomi Pro. I reckon that the floor area is very precious, so perhaps a Xiaomi Pro is better.
One for each room. It's noisy in the higher fan speed settings, but then if you are not using this to counter allergies (thus needing at least 5 ACH/Air Changes per Hour) but rather to counter HK/Kowloon's AQI 100-149 air which probably happens somewhat regularly, then it should be more than sufficient.

I think a few years back it hit > AQI 200 for a day or 2 (purple on aqicn) due to some unseasonal winds coming from the north hence bringing somewhat smoggier air from the Greater Pearl River Delta down, but that's about it.

The Xiaomi 2S or Pro shd handle that kind of conditions no worries. Tried and tested in SG and CN and northern Thailand smog and haze (very popular there in N Thailand via Lazada thailand, coz there are very few other choices anyway even if price is not a factor). Actually if you are a HK citizen, you should have watched all the China Air Purifier reviews/tests on youtube or youku or what.

And besides, replacements are real easy and cheap. Just get it from TB, or i am sure HK retail has it, or from some HK online platform.

The Xiaomis would work as well as the Philips or Coway generally speaking, don't worry about it.
Thank you very much for your detailed reply, this information is very useful. It makes sense there is a risk of the transformer malfunctioning, I think I will now probably abandon the idea of buying a 120V AP.

I am an expat living in Hong Kong, unfortunately my Chinese language ability is not that great so it can be difficult to understand Chinese reviews.

You are correct that Xiaomi 2S is available in HK retail, it is widely available locally for HKD $1,099 (approx. USD $140) which is obviously very cheap. Today I went to an electronics store to look at the Xiaomi 2S, I am happy with the price but have some concerns about the quality. Specifically, I am concerned about the quality of the HEPA filters, are they on a par with leading international brands such as Coway / Philips?

One other final option I am considering is buying the Blueair Blue Pure 221 from Germany. Since Germany uses the same Voltage/Frequency as HK/SG, there is no need to use a transformer. I have found an online retailer in Germany which sells this AP for EUR 316. They can deliver directly to HK for just EUR 35, so the total cost + delivery would be EUR 351, which is approx. USD $390.

From my research it seems the Blueair Blue Pure 221 is basically the 230V version of the Blueair Blue Pure 211, which is the highest ranked air purifier amongst all 36 reviewed and tested by US website Consumer Reports. Has anyone here ever used this AP?

Any thoughts on whether I should go for the Xiaomi or the Blueair?
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