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Thank you for your quick reply, Xiaofan.
You mentioned not Netflix, are you saying Netflix Apps cannot work in X9s?
If you need Netflix HD, then you have very limited choices from Android TV boxes. None of them will support recording by itself.

Read Page 94 of this thread for more details. Basically you can only choose certified device like Mi Box S, Nvidia Shield TV or Amazon Firestick 4K.

Read the review here of Zidoo Z9S as well (similar but better than X9S)-- Netflix will only be up to 480p when used with non-certified box including Zidoo X9S/Z9S. 480p does not make sense if you are paying for Netflix. There are maybe hacks to get 720p but the hacks may not work because Netflix actively blocks the hacks.

Edit to add: more recent review on X9S including the recording feature.

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