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Get 2 Xiaomi Pros if you feel like it, it'd give you 1000m3/hr CADR capability if the situation really needs it, but when they are throttled back, the noise levels shd be slightly lower than the Blueair 221 pumping the same amt of airflow. Basically then you'd be covered for 2 rooms, or you can use 2 x APs in a single room eg master bedroom).

And still you'd save on the filter and cost of 2 APs still ought to be cheaper than USD 390.

Do more shopping, am sure you can get cheaper prices on HK online sites.
Get in touch with your HK colleagues, xiaomi is a very ubiquitous brand over there. Everybody knows where to get the best price. HKers are extremely price sensitive like us Singaporeans.

eg In Singapore, we get our Xiaomi 2S at only USD 100 thereabouts. No way HK is going to be that much more than SG.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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