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Well, I'll just chip in, i bought ExpressVPN and i couldn't be happier. Yes its a bit more expensive, but so far , worth it.
Some speed tests i ran this morning.
My torrents from home were between 5-20Mbps on a small test i did.
I can use Netflix USA as well, so it unblocks region locks which is awesome, Mullvad didn't do this for me.

Source: Singapore
VPN: ExpressVPN
Connection Type: 4G (speeds vary due to network usage between test 1 and 2 - 10 min apart )
SpeedTest: SpeedTest app on Mate 10 Pro
Test Mode: Single Connection (Recommended by the App for VPN testing)

Test 1:
Down 28Mbps, Up: 22Mbps

Singapore Server:
Down: 28Mbps, Up: 23Mbps

USA Los Angelas server:
Down: 27Mbps , Up 16.7Mbps

South African Server:
Down: 27Mbps, Up: 5Mbps

Test 2:
No VPN (Singtel):
Down 40.5Mbps, Up: 22Mbps

Singapore Server (Singtel):
Down: 36.5Mbps, Up: 14Mbps

USA Los Angelas server (Frontia):
Down: 33.3Mbps , Up 16.7Mbps

South African Server (Vodacom):
Down: 39.7Mbps, Up: 5Mbps

just ran a random speedtest connected to america again, 50Mbps down.

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