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Not totally but it helps a bit. I have not encountered severe thermal throttle yet. Before the update I encountered a few times of thermal induced severe performance degradation -- the box will become not responsive after overheating.

Notification bar is not working -- not able to click on the notifications so it is rather annoying. Workaround is to disable notification of the offending apps.

Do not buy the box if you have not bought it. If you have bought it, you can upgrade to the latest FW and see if that helps. And use a fan. I believe the thermal issue can not be totally fixed using OTA FW update, there must be some flaws in the thermal/HW design.

Ref: people are using fans to cool down TX6 because the CPU temperature hits 90 degree C.
Thank xiaofan for your reviews....I was planning to buy Tanix TX6 but I read some reviews and I thought the updated firmware solve the thermal issue. Now I have to search for other Android box...and recommendation?

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