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BTW, the CADR values of the Xiaomi has been verified before by 3rd party labs.

eg This is for the original ver 1 xiaomi. Published spec = 406 m3/hr

Tested 396 m3/hr

Actually Xiaomi has another bigger version called the Xiaomi Max, it has a CADR value of 1000 m3/hr. It's 2X the price of the Pro, but i reckon it's a bit less flexible in usage than having 2 pcs of Xiaomi Pro.
Thank you again for your kind and informative reply, this has helped me a lot. Since this is my first time to ever buy an AP, I would probably start by just buying one Xiaomi 2S (my apartment here in HK is extremely small, total size of entire apartment is only approx. 25 m2.)

You are correct that you can get cheaper prices on HK online sites. There is a popular shopping comparison website The price of HKD $1,099 is for the “official” Hong Kong stock. Another option would be to buy a parallel import (水货), which sells for approx. HKD $800.

Today I have been doing some more research about the Xiaomi 2S, there are two points I am concerned about:

1) During the video 「FView 出品」空气净化器横评(测试篇)the guy states that for Xiaomi it is NOT possible to separate the outer layer primary filter (used for filtering out dust, hair and large particles.) from the inner HEPA filters. Therefore, the only way to remove dust from the outer filter is by scrubbing it off.

I am concerned about this because I believe it is better to be able to remove the outer layer primary filter and wash with water to remove all the dust? I saw on reviews of other APs (such as Coway and Bluair) that users remove the outer filters and wash them with water.

2) I saw a website [ ] which claims that for Xiaomi AP it is only possible to use manual speed for 3 hours, and that after 3 hours the AP will automatically go back to Auto mode. However there are also some comments there is a “workaround” to fix this, so maybe this isn’t an issue?
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