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The Beelink GT1-A is an android box with Android TV OS with Netflix 4K support. Good to have another alternative that supports Netflix 4K.

SOURCE: REVIEW: Beelink GT1-A with Netflix 4K support and Android TV

Beelink GT1-A Netflix Ready Andriod TV Box Review
I will not recommend this box as I have doubts for this box's Netflix certification. It is actually rooted box and how can that be certified (even though there is a setting to disable root)? I believe it is a matter of time that Netflix will block it if the certificate is fake or revoke it if the certificate is real.

If you need Netflix 4k, get a box like Mi Box S, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k, both are actually cheaper than GT1-A. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K even supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos with Netflix.

In fact the author of the review you quoted has doubts as well.

The author says, "
As we can see Netflix works in 4K quality through some ingenious trick but unfortunately other services such as HBO or Amazon Prime Video can not be played despite having the DRM certifications, Beelink are checking these apps to see if they have a solution.

DRM: Google Widevine L1 / Microsoft Playready
Certification: No".

Quote from the other review here.


As promised by Beelink’s marketing, the GT1-A supported 4K Netflix playback and has support Google Widevine L1 DRM. You don’t need to install Netflix from the Google Play store as its pre-installed.

However, I suspect that this works via a workaround rather than official Netflix certification so it’s possible it won’t be supported in the future."

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