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Before I switched from other brands to Xiaomi, I also have qualms about the filter. Especially when you compare those that have relatively much thicker HEPA filter than Xiaomi.

I have used several brands before I changed all to Xiaomi. Not that they no good. They are good. But original filters are getting expensive. I just need something that able to bring down the PM2.5 fast and yet, low maintenance cost. And I was looking at mobile app operating that time also. All purifiers have their own pros and additional functions. Some more features. Some lesser. If looking for something that emits negative ions, then Xiaomi AP is out of the picture.

I used a stand-alone PM2.5 device to check the air “quality” from the outlet. Xiaomi or non Xiaomi, clean air coming out - in terms of PM2.5 readings. Able to achieve what I’m looking for.

As for filters “lasting” (Xiaomi and non Xiaomi AP that I have used before), all have tint smell as time goes by. (At least for my usage/ environment/ situation/ at that time) Maybe some faster. Some slower. Depends on situation. Since Xiaomi filters are relatively cheaper, I just change them when the filter lifespan reaches around 30%. I usually don’t wait until 0% (individual preference). I no longer bother about vacuuming or clean or whether able to wash prefilter, this and that.

Choose a purifier that one feels most comfortable with it. There’s no “best” purifier imo. All got their own pros and cons. Depends on individual.

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