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Iím thinking to purchase the Last of Us Remastered. Sounds like a good story plot and gameplay. Any thought?
Its a good game in terms of story (very good story telling) and gameplay but not until its a 10 (like what IGN said, reviewer Colin Moriarty) as I encountered poor AI issues on quite a few occasions. E.g.

1) Hiding in a room with an enemy right in front of me and he didn't even see me.

2) Some enemies at certain areas just stood there at their positions and didn't even move around. I was thinking if they have coded that part properly.

3) When enemies are alerted (nearing end game), they go frantic and just run in circles infinitely. I hid at a corner for a few minutes just to observe this.

But these issues aren't going to dampen a lot as the game is still very much enjoyable - item crafting, scarcity, shocking scenes, variety of gameplay (not always just stealth, not going to spoil) etc. You may check out YouTube regarding the AI issues.

Still, I'm looking forward to TLOU2 (especially the story, Ellie grew up and things seem to have changed). I hope Naughty Dog will do a better job on the AI.

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