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(1) The prefilter can be cleaned by vacuuming. I am sure you have cleaned your aircon prefilters with vacuum before. Very little difference vs washing, in the context of the air purifier.
I have a Mfresh M8088A that has a filter construction that is the same as the Xiaomi (ie cylindrical filter with prefilter built into the cylindrical filter, just that the Mfresh is a bigger filter. I also vacuum my Sharp and Samsung AP prefilters, though sometimes i do wash that.

Hey WussRedXLi and Lucky177, thank you both for your replies! That’s all my questions about AP now answered, my conclusion is that I will start by buying one Xiaomi, then add more later if necessary.

On a separate topic, I have also decided to buy an Air Quality Monitor (to keep track of the quality of air in the apartment BEFORE and AFTER using the new AP, so I can make a solid judgement on the AP's performance)

From the research I have done online it seems that the Laser Egg 2 Air Pollution Monitor might be a good choice? (It costs RMB 599.00, which is approx USD $90)

Would you recommend this one, or are there any alternative Air Quality Monitors you would recommend instead?

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