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Android Central best Android TV Box 2019.

No surprise at all for the top 2, Mvidia Shield TV (US$170 at Amazon) and Mi Box S (US$59 at Walmart). You can say that official Android TV OS boxes are stagnant. But that is kind of understandable since the main focus will probably on the TV side where official Android TV OS falls behind Samsung and LG in the global market and Roku TV in US.

Ematic Jetstream 4K Ultra HD TV Box (US$69 at Walmart) and Sling TV AirTV player (US$100 at Walmart) do not seem to be available here.

Review of Ematic Jetstream 4K Ultra HD TV Box from Lon.TV, seems to at at the same class of Mi Box S but has two USB ports and one uSD card slot. But apparently it is less mature than Mi Box S with issues with HDR and voice control. And based on this review, the box can not be recommended either because of the company behind it is not very good and it has only 90 days of warranty.

Lon.TV review of Mi Box S as a reference here as well.

Air TV player seems to be specific to the US market.
Review seems to be positive.

AirTV 2, OTA and Streaming two in one hybrid box

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