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I will recommend new comers of this thread to read some of my posts in Page 94.

To summarize.

Basically you can consider the following for sub S$100 boxes.
1) If you need Netflix and Chromecast, get Mi Box S. Chromecast is useful for many apps including Starhub Go, SingTel TV Go and SingTel Cast. You can actually install SingTel TV Go and SingTel Cast on Mi Box S as well. Mi Box S supports 4K HDR on Netflix.

Main disadvantage about Mi Box S is that it has only one USB port, no Ethernet port and only 8GB storage. But it has good 5GHz WiFi AC performance, for streaming application, none of the disadvantage is a real problem.

For 4K Local Media Playing, then the S905X CPU is a bit weak as well. Not as good as S905X2 box. But that is a niche use case.

All in all, it is the best value for sub S$100 box here in Singapore.

2) If you only need Netflix but not Chromecast (for example you already have a Chromecast Ultra), you can also consider Amazon FireTV Stick 4K which supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos under Netflix. So it has an edge over Mi Box S when it comes to Netflix.

3) If you do not need Netflix and you do not need Chromecast, for example, you already have a Chromecast Ultra and are okay with casting Netflix to TV from mobile phone, get S905X2 box like Tanix TX5 Max or Beelink GT1 Mini. Tanix TX5 Max is cheaper. Beelink is a more famous vendor. I myself have TX5 Max and it is really good.

4) If your budget is really low, say below S$50, get Tanix TX3 Max or TX3 Mini 2GB/16GB version. Do not expect real 4k as the CPU is a bit weak and only support 4k/30fps. Better stick to 1080p.

But if you are willing to pay to get the best Android TV box, get Nvidia Shield TV. It has all the advantages of Mi Box S and none of the disadvantages of Mi Box S. But it costs much more. One main missing feature is . In terms of Netflix, it loses to Amazon FireTV stick as well.

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