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Here are the reviews of the popular and recommended boxes.

1) Mi Box S

Lon.TV review of Mi Box S

Chigz Tech review

TV Box Stop review

Negative review from Techhive

2) Amazon FireTV Stick 4K

3) Tanix TX5 Max, 4GB/32GB S905X2

4) Beelink GT1 Mini, S905X2, 4GB/32GB or other configurations.

5) Tanix TX3 Max, recommend for 1080p and basic streaming only. Below S$50, slow 2.4GHz WiFi, better to use 100M Ethernet

6) Tanix TX3 Mini 2GB/16GB version, recommend for 1080p and basic streaming only, similar to TX3 Max but no Bluetooth, below S$50

Tanix TX3 Mini L or TX3 Mini H, 2GB/16GB
TX3 Mini variant called TX3 Mini L or Mini H running unofficial Android TV OS, no support of Netflix HD and no support of Chromecast.

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