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Initially tot so.

But my slipped disc came out again few yrs back as I was carrying something heavy. Mine is S4 to L1, had this since young cause I did a lot of sports.

Embody - Zero pain. Embody don't have a lumbar support piece, it's the whole backframe flexes to the shape you set it. My mom who has a clearly visible S shape spine, severe scoliosis also prefer this.

Aeron's posturefit also good but feel is different and not so comfy on the skin, esp the old Aeron design. At home with shorts, definitely Embody. My Aeron is placed in the office.
The old Aeron lumbar is very stiff and feels pretty bad. The new remastered Aeron lumbar support is much more gentle and softer.

The other thing is embody feels really cheap compared to Aeron imo. Aeron design and material wise feels a lot more premium.
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