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US Dividends Aristocrats thread

Thanks to all who supported and signed thru my referral

as promised, i share whatever freebies i get frm u signing thru me.

Why am i doing this?
1. This system has worked fairly well over the last year.
2. i think there are too many useless and expensive trading and investment courses out there
3. Becoz i benefitted frm many kind souls sharing in this forum.
4. i want the free stuff

In all ways, this is NOT a get rich quick system.
It is very much a get reasonable returns slowly and boringly. (not even get rich slowly)
at the very most, for the ordinary folks, we will likely accumulate enuff for a stream of consistent dividends payout in 10-20 yrs time.

This is not for u if
1. u like to see exciting and volatile moves
2. u want to find the nxt googl, the nxt tsla, the nxt nflx
3. u want to super fast growers

why shud u sign up thru me?
no need to. if fact u can get yr own referral link and get yr frens to sign up too and get yr own freebies.

Plz we are all here to learn frm one another.
Most importantly, dyodd.

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