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i'm in a similar position as many of you. went for interview in march, got a call regarding a change in subjects, received EPT email but not required to go for EPT, saw status changed to shortlisted and then silence. saw that the status changed back to in progress and now i'm worried...
Me too! Just to share my timeline with you.
8th March 2019: Went for the interview (2nd Choice)
28th March 2019: Received email about EPT but not required to go.
Early April, my application status became shortlisted.
Subsequently, I received two calls from MOE:
1st call (9th April) asking me if I am keen in teaching my first choice and I said yes.
2nd call (18th April) asking me what subject did I teach during my teaching internship with MOE.
Some time in April (I forgot when was it), my application changed from Shortlisted to In Progress.
But I am guessing no news means good news.
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