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I think as long as you don't improve, you will be gone one day. My mum in her 70s just learnt how to use an ipad, smart TV. She realised that it is a new way to watch TV like tvb, toggle, singtel cast. Of course have to put in effort to teach her and answer her questions. Again, we find it happy she is keen to learn. My dad in his late 70s already learn how to use a tablet couple of months back. I think elderly don't mind learning new technology as long as it is not difficult.

To be honest, I don't mind Starhub and Singtel fiber TV. Only issue is a lot of limitation/ restrictions and additional charges

1. Why need their proprietary modem?
2. Why need to charge signup fees?
3. Why cannot design a system more user friendly? Can support multiple devices, rooms (no need long cables and additional devices)

We keep talking about smart nation but which part is smart? China has moved to tv apps (youku, iqiyi, tengxun etc..). I agree they have their limitation but these tech companies are moving in the right direction. I think live TV app (subscription) will come. Someone will eventually disrupt the pay TV. Just like what grab did to the taxi companies.

I always believe if you refuse to change, you will lose all ur clients. But it doesn't matter to those sitting at the top.

all about money.
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