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No point jump, until they nerf it and if other banks really give better offer, which is quite unlikely...

example UOB. Now their bonus interest rate on normal savings account is comparing incremental balance against previous month average balance, and not like last time against Oct/Dec/Feb (always 2 months gap) average balance.
(so I can earn bonus interest rate for this month, next month I won't be able to)

Extract from UOB : Enjoy the freshest rates of up to 1.65% p.a.* interest. Plus, receive S$100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers* when you deposit at least S$100,000 in Fresh Funds which results in an Incremental Fresh Funds Balance of at least S$100,000 when compared against your previous month’s Monthly Average Balance (MAB).
“Incremental Fresh Funds Balance” refers to the daily difference between each day-end Account balance and the April 2019 Monthly Average Balance"
Extracted from the promotion TnC

Guess UOB made the same mistake again. It happened in the Mar/Apr 19 promotion where they changed the TnC from "previous month’s MAB" to "Feb's MAB".

If unsure, good to clarify with them in writing.
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