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No worries. Take your time. If you have any queries regarding anything to do with maxigain or account opening or what, just pm me and I can pass you her number.

Just want to put it out there that Iím not at all related to her. Just promoting her cause of all the Acquistion officers/RM that Iíve encountered across various banks, sheís the only one that amazed me with her level of customer service.

Just one of the incidents which happened:

Sheís actually a Citigold AO. So I messaged her awhile back on a Saturday and asked when she was free cause someone I knew wanted to open a CitiPriority account or do they have to go to a branch. She said sheís out but give her 2 hours and sheíll go back office to print the documents and meet my friend at wherever my Friend was. I said she really didnít have to but she said itís fine.

She flew down within 2 hours and helped my Friend to open her priority account. I messaged her later to thank her, and asked her why she was willing to come down on a weekend. She said customers are hard to come by and important no matter how small.

She thanked me for referrals and said that someday if for some reason someone I know canít go to bank but want to open a normal Citibank account but canít go to branch for whatever reason, sheíll go down to meet them even though she wonít be earning any commission.

Especially in an environment when I have to call a bank multiple times to even get a callback when Iím interested to open priority/private bank account.... this kind of working attitude a bit rare.
How I wish my RM is like this
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