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“Incremental Fresh Funds Balance” refers to the daily difference between each day-end Account balance and the April 2019 Monthly Average Balance"
Extracted from the promotion TnC

Guess UOB made the same mistake again. It happened in the Mar/Apr 19 promotion where they changed the TnC from "previous month’s MAB" to "Feb's MAB".

If unsure, good to clarify with them in writing.
Many of the RMs/AOs who help you do not note of any changes to T&C. In fact, I've clarified, argued and 'won' many of these arguments. Made these RMs/AOs bring the T&C and clarify with the department who wrote them.

So sometimes when my RM tells me " oh if put in on March 30th and withdraw on end of May, you've qualified for the 3 months promo," I'll not take it at face value and check the T&Cs. Usually the T&Cs will state very clear. Cause T&Cs change from time to time and a couple of AOs/RMs have even thanked me, else they'd have misinformed even more customers.

Just remember that at the end of the day, doesn't matter whether is it by speech or by written (text/email), the thing the banks always fall back on is the T&Cs, and you should do the same. Cause if they misinform you, they'll just apologize and said that they misintepret wrongly and it's your responsibility to read the T&C.
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