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hey guys, there is a lot to read here. I'm thinking of getting an AP but not sure if it's worth the investment. Currently NEA PM2.5 reading is 17, how clean can each of the various AP models bring down from this number? (according to laser measurement and not AP's inaccurate reading. There seems to be lack of test done on each AP with laser readers)

Is single digit PM2.5 possible?

Can you really smell/feel the difference in air quality at single digit?

i only buy the cheap air purifiers (Sharp/Daikin/Panasonic). the problem with air filter is it has relatively low range as it only sucks air surrounding it and blow clean air out. also since they usually sit on the ground, that means they only suck in air close to the ground, so only the air near the purifier is cleaner. those with ionizer will cause the dust to stick on floor & walls but they will become dirty faster.

even aircon that is placed high up with good filter doesn't do much in terms of cleaning the air. however purifier with Plasma Cluster/UV like Sharp has better efficiency in killing bacteria.

so while air quality reader helps, it isn't really accurate if the room is big like living room or even master room.

so it might be better to put additional cheaper purifiers at strategic locations. the expensive ones have more function like programmable but do take in the cost of filter replacement into account. some people buy expensive purifiers but buy cheaper 3rd party filters (though can't say they are good or bad), so a air quality meter maybe good to see if these 3rd party filters are worth it.

better to figure out ways to reduce dust coming in like adding door seals, window seals, and if you open windows put some dust screen to reduce dust flow (those bug screen helps). for main door i actually use manila card as they are more flexible than rubber/brush as not all doors/floor are perfect with manila card i can position it to the lowest possible position for better seal and door won't get stuck. for windows i get those rex rubber seal as even with the original seal there are still gaps.

for sliding windows they have the worst seal as there are many gaps & holes for the wheels and very difficult (impossible) to seal.

and alot of dust actually comes in to the room from the toilet's ventilation.

and don't be surprised how much dust is hiding above your plaster ceiling because workers never clean them out after installing/hacking/drilling.

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