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hey guys, there is a lot to read here. I'm thinking of getting an AP but not sure if it's worth the investment. Currently NEA PM2.5 reading is 17, how clean can each of the various AP models bring down from this number? (according to laser measurement and not AP's inaccurate reading. There seems to be lack of test done on each AP with laser readers)

Is single digit PM2.5 possible?

Can you really smell/feel the difference in air quality at single digit?
I posted 3 pages before on page 191. Reposting below in another post......
It could be better that you read from the end of the thread backwards, as all the latest info can be found this way.

Yes single digit is possible. Not sure why would you want that though.

No you cannot smell or feel the difference generally, unless if the external air quality is somewhat hazy. Then when you leave the room the haze smell would hit you. When you go from external environment and into the room, the difference is less.

If you are after that clean smell, start with the aircon cleaning (do DIY aircon cleaning, there is a whole big thread dedicated to that) and also change your bedsheets/pillows regularly. If you gotta hang some "used" clothes, don't hang it in the aircon and APed room just behind the door.
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