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Below shows some March haze measurements, that time you know, pax were kpkb very smelly etc. Punggol smells (though i am living at South Part of the island)
Note, do not compare this with NEA is what it is, bloody long story fit for another thread.

What you really want is the Air Purifier's CADR figure. This depends on the airflow and filtration efficiency. Give an extreme example, a China H11 HEPA that is only 90% effective but in a big AP that guns over 1000 m3/hr. Vs a H13 "True" HEPA 99.97% but doing only 200 m3h/hr. The former would eat the latter for breakfast.
The latter H13 AP would need to be doing comfortably over 900m3/hr in order to be equal/surpass the China H11 filter.

Note, the below is dealing with real haze. And the meter has been tested by me to be sensitive and to cigarette smoke before, which is a source that has a predominant particle size distribution as shown below.

All China H11 HEPA (measured to be 92%), except for the Mfresh M8088A which is true H12 HEPA (it's 99% thereabouts).

3 APs in the room. Mfresh M8088A actually is in lowest fan speed, coz i don't wanna load it too much. Most of the cleaning is done by the Samsung AX40 and Sharp KC-840 with China DIY HEPA, cut in size + sides stuffed with bubble wrap for sealing.

GPGT, proof that it works.
Few days ago Singapore haze.

Sudden transient peak @ 40k+ counts @ 0.5 microns

MBR (420 counts @ 0.5)

Mfresh M8088A H12, only 10 counts @ 0.5 microns lowest reading

Sharp KC-840 China DIY H11. Samsung AX40 is similar. 20 counts @ 0.5 microns lowest reading
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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