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I always want to try out Super Low End Box like the old H3 CPU based box which will struggle with 4K but should be good for 1080p.

I use Armbian Linux with my Orange Pi PC (H3 CPU, 1GB RAM) it works fine. However no luck with good Android image. Previously I tried H3Droid but it seems to be the old Android 4.4.

Then from an Orange Pi Facebook page, someone recommended the Sunvell R69 H3 rom running Android 7.1.2 for the Orange Pi PC and it seem to work perfectly.

Burns with phoenix card in startup mode.

For reference quite some old box like UBox Gen 2 and Beelink X2 are using H3 CPU.

I wanted to buy Sunvell R69 2GB/16GB H3 Version last year from Taobao but the shop delivered the wrong RK3229 version to me. RK3229 is of course more powerful than H3.

I use Ethernet connection and USB wireless Keyboard/Mouse with this Orange Pi PC experiment.

I am not saying this is a good board to use though since Amlogic S905 Family is much better. But it is good to see old Low end Box can still be useful with right apps for your needs.
H3 is used on ubox3 and ubox4. As long as you disable playstore and play services, it performs quite well.

H3 supports hardware decoding for most of the china apps, better than AML and RK chips.

For Ubox3, although it is claimed as a 4k box, it is using a 720p kernel, most likely the FHD&4k are upscaled from 720p. You can see the info from kodi's system info page.
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