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H3 is used on ubox3 and ubox4. As long as you disable playstore and play services, it performs quite well.

H3 supports hardware decoding for most of the china apps, better than AML and RK chips.

For Ubox3, although it is claimed as a 4k box, it is using a 720p kernel, most likely the FHD&4k are upscaled from 720p. You can see the info from kodi's system info page.
I think UBox 3 and 4 use a slightly better CPU than H3, they use H5.

Edit : you are right and I am wrong. UBox 3 and 4 are using H3, 1GB RAM, with Android 5.1.

UPro and UPro 2 use H6, which is much more powerful but then they still keep using 1GB RAM.

Yes Kodi only works with 720p for this H3 board. YouTube TV version seems to be fine with 1080p.

I will check out more later to see whether it makes a big difference to disable Google Play Store and Play Services.

I have another junk box based on S905L and with 1GB RAM but that is the same class CPU as S905X so it is really more powerful than H3. That China Mobile OTT Box also has fast dual band WiFi. The issue there is the old Android 4.4 and no Google Play Store, which makes it pretty responsive but only good for Chinese Entertainment.

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