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Do you think this will come out soon or just hot air?

I have an old Minix U8 and it had serve me very well. I just have itchy fingers and wanting to try the latest box out there.

Last, do you know off any Andriod TV box that can record playing on the app? Say i am watching football on an app. Is there such a app/TV box that can record that football match?
Amlogic S922X hexa-core (4*A73 + 2*A53) boxes are on the way. First one is Beelink GT1-K (GT1-King). S922X is Amlogic Solution to compete with RK3399 hexa-core (2*A72+4*A53) CPU.

I do not think the S922X boxes will be popular because the cost will be high. RK3399 boxes are usually above S$120 with 4GB/32GB or 4GB/64GB configurations and they do not offer real benefits for the main use case of streaming application for Android TV boxes. A few reviewers like RK3399 boxes for the smoothness of the operation and for large Kodi build or better gaming. That would apply to S922X boxes.

Edit to add:
There are boxes which claim can record on the fly like the generic A95X S905X2 box which has a HDD caddy. But in reality it is using screen recording. I believe there are apps which can do this from Google Play Store but I have not tried it. Performance will not be good. You can try them.

Reviewers typically use TV Capture Card on the computer.

If you need to record, potential solution is to use TV capture card on PC/Mac.

On Android TV Box side, Zidoo boxes can be an alternative— they have HDMI IN. So you can use your Minix U8 Box as the source and then use the Zidoo Box to record. Lowest end is Zidoo X9S.

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