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Amlogic S922X hexa-core (4*A73 + 2*A53) boxes are on the way. First one is Beelink GT1-K (GT1-King). S922X is Amlogic Solution to compete with RK3399 hexa-core (2*A72+4*A53) CPU.

I do not think the S922X boxes will be popular because the cost will be high. RK3399 boxes are usually above S$120 with 4GB/32GB or 4GB/64GB configurations and they do not offer real benefits for the main use case of streaming application for Android TV boxes. A few reviewers like RK3399 boxes for the smoothness of the operation and for large Kodi build or better gaming. That would apply to S922X boxes.
thanks for the reply. I still remember when U8 first came out, I paid a "bomb" for it. But, it is a very stable box. No problems at all.

By the way, any idea about my last request about recording?
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