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Hi, I’m looking to something that can show tvb anywhere on the big screen..

Can check with you does Mi Box S officially support tvb anywhere +?

Thanks !

For me it is only needed for TVB Anywhere + Mobile screen mirroring and Huawei Wireless Projection.

TVB Anywhere+ TV version works under TX5 Max so the screen mirroring is not necessary now.

I have bought a Ugreen USB Type-C dock to work with my Huawei P20 phone for EMUI desktop mode but it causes the phone to overheat so the experiment failed. The other way is to use Wireless projection which works only with Miracast.

Again not strictly needed because DLNA cast works for my apps like Youku. But it is still good to get Miracast working on Tanix TX5 Max because it is the best of my boxes yet it is the only one which does not work with Miracast.

Or maybe I will buy a USB Type C to HDMI converter and forget about Miracast on Tanix TX5 Max.
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