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sorry Henry, bit confused here
currently my starhub fibre setp is like this: lan cable connected to linksys router and star hub ont. are u saying I disconnect the cable from linksys router and connect to my other netgear router which I used for m1 fibre? restart the ont and I should have 2 fibre running on my netgear router?
If your router has Dual WAN feature like my ASUS AC88U router then u can run two fibre on one router. Just enable
Dual WAN on the router and select one of the LAN port on the router as the second WAN port in the router setting. Then plug the cable in accordingly. If your router is single WAN then you need one router for each isp. The problem may be your router do not have dual WAN. For M1 alone any router can be used but running 2 isp on one router is another thing which required a dual WAN router.

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