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UPro and UPro 2 use H6, which is much more powerful but then they still keep using 1GB RAM.
The R69 H3 Android 7.1 ROM works very well with Orange Pi PC. In fact even my generic remote works fine.

Then I have Orange Pi PC2 board with Allwinner H5 CPU and 1GB RAM. I also have Orange Pi One Plus board with H6 CPU and again 1GB RAM.

Xunlong, the vendor of Orange Pi boards, provides Android 5.1 image for the Orange Pi PC2 (no Google services) and Android 7.0 image for Orange Pi One Plus H6 board with Google services. I tested both image and both seem to work fine. It needs Xunlong’s remote which I did not have but I can use my wireless mouse and keyboard. The power button works fine.

Orange Pi PC H3 board: HDMI display output resolution up to 1080p 60Hz.

Orange Pi PC2 H5 board: HDMI display output resolution up to 1080p 60Hz and 4K 30Hz

Orange Pi One Plus H6 board: HDMI display output resolution up to 1080p 60Hz and 4K 60Hz.

I only have small heatsinks for the three boards (meant for Raspberry Pi 3B+) and they do run a bit hot. Still the H6 board CPU temperature only hits about 80 degrees C with a small fan blowing at the bare board. Not as bad as the Tanix TX6 which hits 90 degree C. Of course the board has less stuff, for example no WiFi.

The experiments tell me that even Low end 1GB RAM based boards can be useful, just need to be cautious and not to install too many apps. For typical Android TV boxes users, you will not need many apps anyway.

The H3 CPU on the Orange Pi PC board gets 330 Single-Core Score and 681 Multi-Core Score on Geekbench 4, this is the lowest score I have seen. It was popular in 2015 time with Beelink X2 to be one of the best box back in 2015.

But the H3 CPU is still popular in maker boards due to good support of Linux.

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