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i'm only able to save like around $200 per mth sort of force savings
thinking to just get POSB Invest Saver G3B since the amount is small and can't do much
but unsure if this is the right track to start..
You could, or you could put $100/month into G3B via POSB Invest-Saver and $100/month via a zero sales charge/zero custody charge platform (POEMS or DollarDex probably) into Lion Global's Infinity Global stock index unit trust. The only "catch" with the latter is that you'll need an initial $1,000 purchase, which would take 10 months to muster at $100/month. Another possible approach would be to save up $200/month over the next 5 months, make your first purchase of that global stock index unit trust ($1,000), then proceed with the "regular" plan starting from the 6th month ($100/month into G3B, $100/month into the global stocks).
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