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Probably let me do a comparison between both.
Assuming sumang launch at 1150psf vs treasure at 13xxpsf.

Sumang (pros)
1) by CDL, quality, reliability better than Sim Lian
2) Punggol to me is a hidden gem since 2012. It has a billion dollar waterway park and I must admit the landscape is nice. Almost every weekend, I will go for 8km run there. From Waterway Point to white bee Hoon (Punggol settlement) and back. Very nice experience.
3) heard new hawker centre and library coming up, near Watertown area, digital town, the plot next to Watertown is slated for mix commercial purpose. Quite a few exciting things gonna happen in Punggol. So no lack of amenities at Punggol central area.
4) the surrounding is relatively new compared to Tampines.
5) though 1150sqft for an EC, still the lowest compared to other recent new launch condo. Buyers who have limited Budget may still consider. EC usually limited stock, that’s why rivercove sells well. (But bear in mind the sale is good may be due to its launch before CM) where other condo price are priced sky high at that time.
6) number of units much much lesser than treasure. More privacy?

Sumang (Cons)
1) EC status bind by MOP rules.
2) though walkable to Waterway Point, but it’s a good 15-20mins walk under hot sun. May be inconvenient for old folks who simply just want to buy food or groceries.
3) 1150psf to 1200psf for EC is rather high and is quite close to the price of Treasure psf which has no MOP ruling.
4) consider ulu for a 1150psf EC at sumang. Other better options are a treasure trove or Parc centro (11xxpsf) or Watertown at 13xxpsf. All have mall and mrt at doorstep. But they are around 7 year old condo.

Treasure (Pros)
1) priced at 13xxpsf, quite close to EC if sumang launch at 1150 to 1200psf. One of the cheapest psf in current market.
2) not bind by MOP rule. Can sell after 3 years not subjected to SSD. Buy EC will at least stuck for 8-9 years (3 years to build, 5 years MOP before can sell)
3) a sizeable market next to it with many good food, very convenient for Aging parents to get food and groceries.
4) some pple like Tampines because it’s a mature estate.

Treasure (Cons)
1) 2203 units, lack privacy, stiff competition in rental/sell.
2) traffic issue, noise etc.
3) by Sim Lian, design may be HDB look alike (not sure, just based on other project designed by Sim Lian)
4) some may deem that area as quite boring compared to Punggol area which is popular among young couples. No fight in terms of landscape compared to waterway.

Hope my comparison helps and neutral.
I personally prefer Punggol than Tampines area, more exciting amenities coming up, but I’m not a fan of EC cos of MOP ruling.
regarding the point in red, it's 500+m to waterway point if bash through waterway terrace (anyway that's the most logical route). probably won't take 15-20min and will have shade. and actually if just want to grab some simple food/groceries, no need to go waterway point. if you look at the map, it's flanked both sides by local shops/kpt. i duno exactly what shops there are though.

but if have to sacrifice size due to the psf, then it is indeed sux. i would rather go for parc centros if budget beyond EC is not an issue.

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