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My NOK & workplace have been harassed by the 1st LS which was quite traumatizing & Iíve made a report to the police for that..but the 2nd one I didnít include with my 1st report bcoz I thought I can negotiate..should have made a report & get it over & done with frm the start..

You should block them, stop making any more payments and make a police report immediately. Do this first and be mentally and emotionally prepare for what's to come. Even if you want to close account, they will give you so many excuses and only allow you to defer.

The initial part wont be easy, they will harass you, your NOK and workplace. So be inform your NOK and workplace first. I think they would appreciate the heads up.

The rest of the things of what you should do i basically the same. Read up the past post you'll get the idea. Goodluck ya! 💪
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