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Mr Goh is an experienced full time tutor with more than 11 years of experience teaching JC subjects (GP and H2/H1 Physics). He also teaches Secondary English, Physics and Chemistry. Mr Goh possesses an LLB (S'pore) with honours and has worked at several law firms. He was on the Dean's List for Law and was awarded various scholarships. In line with his tradition of academic excellence, he attained 5 distinctions at his A levels. He has an energetic personality, an analytical mind, and will articulate the concepts to you clearly. He has previously taught at an MOE school, and various top enrichment centers such as Learning Lab, A Grader and KRTC.

A level grade: A for H2 Physics, Geography and Maths. A for Project Work and GP. B for H2 Chemistry. A1 for O Level Pure Chem.

Law school GPA: 3.62/4.0 (magna cum laude); Dean's List 2015-6.

Rate for Pri Eng/Math/Sci: 50 ph
For Secondary Eng/Phy/Chem/Sci: 60ph
For JC H1 General Paper and H2 Phy: 60-90 ph

Contact number: 90035780.

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