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Ya same. I don't expect AAA games for the price I paid. But don't give some heavily discounted games or free games la.

Mgs survive cannot be played offline. Dead community. Got lootbox elements anot I not sure. The witness is a giveaway game on humble bundle and epic games.

Overcooked is a game that is always on flash sales. Below 5usd most of the time.

I think for the amount we are paying, I don't think it's too much to ask for titles like r&c kind of games regularly.

My personal opinion. May disagree with me.

Get where u are coming from. But I don't think it can justify. Cause this kind of games usually not resource hungry. Can game with a laptop w/o graphics card. Personal opinion.
I see. Can't help it la. Our library sucks compared to US one. That's why there are those who sub US ps+ instead of sg one.
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