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Zidoo device is kind of high end device and the primary use cases are for very for high quality rip of Blu-ray files, therefore they have harddisk interface. They also support the recording feature but this is a secondary feature.

Looking back at your requirement, I am actually not so sure if the recording feature of the Zidoo device actually meets your requirement. I have yet to come across reviews covering this use case in good details. So I have to say I am not sure whether the X9S is a good buy or not.

Ref: you can check out the old review here. But Zidoo keeps updating the FW so it should be better now.

As for A95X, from what I know from the review, the recording is through screen capture, so do not expect high quality and it may not work with some apps. I will not recommend it for sure.

As for whether Zidoo X9S device is good enough for general streaming application (not Netflix), then the answer should be yes. 2GB/16GB is fine for general streaming application. FYI, Mi Box S is 2GB/8GB and it has a weaker CPU than Zidoo X9S.

Ref: Zidoo X9S review

Edit : sorry the above review is for better Z9S version but it is also a good reference for X9S.
Hi Xiaofan, found another box, “Beelink Sea I”, the specification are as follows,
1. Realtek 1295 Quad Core Cpu
2. Ram 2Gb Ddr3
3. Storage: eMmc-32Gb
4. Android 6.0
5. Bluetooth 4.0
6. Wifi: 2.4G+5.8G Dual Band
7. Gpu: Arm Mali-T820Mp3
8. Max Extended Capacity: 64G – Don’t understand what is this? Hdd storage?
9. Miracast, Airplay, Smb
10. Rj45 Part: 1000M
11. Removable Harddisk Box
At Aliexpress selling at S$114.23, much cheaper then Zidoo X9s @S$169.92
Any idea about this box if compare with Zidoo X9s? Thanks
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