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That's true. But then you can just use MasterCard to tap for transport. why need ezreload?
Haha, I have read some threads that there are people discussing about glitch on incorrect/double charged fare payment when using contactless bank card, plus the 1024 taps limit thingy.

I have summarized the transit payment options as below for those who wish to know the differences.

-Tap using EZ-Link Card
-Required upfront top-up
-EZ-Reload by by Credit/Debit Card

NETS FlashPay
-Tap using NETS FlashPay Card
-Required upfront top-up
-Auto Top-Up (ATU) by Credit/Debit Card

SimplyGo (Formerly ABT)
-Tap using Contactless Credit/Debit Card with Mastercard, Visa (ABT Pilot) and NETS (ABT Pilot)
-Tap using mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
-Not required upfront top-up, directly charged to your Credit/Debit Card.

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